Peaceful Change Can Happen

Often people experience relationship conflict, hopelessness, frustration and anxiety, and it seems to them that they are powerless to feel better.

Every human being has the innate ability for mental well-being; even in situations that feel insurmountable. This resilience is intrinsically connected to the life that flows through each and every one of us.

When we look around the world and see the devastation that people experience and never the less many find the strength to prosper we see a profound illustration of this capability.

It is one thing to experience our resilience and another to be conscious of how we create it. The Principles that provide us with our unique sense of life can be understood.

In that moment of insight we can see possibilities that were hidden before; we can feel at a deep level the beauty and meaning of life.

It is through recognizing how human beings create their experience of life that provides sustainable mental well-being.